1 in 50 orders on Pizza.be paid for in Bitcoin

One home delivery service in Belgium is seeing immediate returns on its Bitcoin implementation.

Pizza.be, the Belgian site for Takeaway.com, told a local newspaper this week that 2% of all orders are paid for in Bitcoin.

“Of the 5,000 orders placed every day at Pizza.be, there are about 100 via Bitcoin," a spokeswoman told DataNews.be.

We first reported in November when the same company began accepting Bitcoin payments in Belgium’s northern neighbor, the Netherlands.

This is especially good news for Bitplaats.be, a company we reported on earlier this week that intends to make Bitcoin payments a mainstream option in the country of about 10 million.

That said, Bitcoin still has a way to go. In Belgium, as DataNews.be reported, there are only so many products and services available for purchase in Bitcoin.

Besides Pizza.be, there is a doctor in Ichtegem who accepts Bitcoins, a music studio in Ghent, and telecoms provider Mobile Vikings.

But if customer behavior in the takeaway market is any indication, demand for Bitcoin payment acceptance is already fairly substantial.

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