A Bitcoin ATM from Liberty Teller has just appeared near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus. The machine was installed in Moksa Restaurant on Central Square in Cambridge.

Moksa, a pan-Asian restaurant, also accepts payment in Bitcoin. Solmon Chowdhury the owner of Moksa believes that Bitcoin is the future:

“More and more people are asking if we accept Bitcoin, and we want to give our customers what they want.”

The timing of the arrival of the new Bitcoin ATM is fortuitous – on April 29 the MIT Bitcoin Club announced that it will hold a Bitcoin Project at MIT this fall and each undergraduate student will get almost $100 in digital currency.

“Before Bitcoin goes mainstream, getting and using Bitcoin needs to be as simple as possible. Our kiosks and tutorials are helping us make that happen. Bitcoin makes sending money like sending email, and makes our current ways of sending money look like snail mail,” said Kyle Powers, the co-founders of Liberty Teller.

The Liberty Teller Company was founded in 2013 by Bitcoin enthusiasts Kyle Powers and Chris Yim; the two met at business school and became fast friends. Due to what they say is a joint interest in technology, modern finance solutions and digital currency, Powers and Yim decided to help expand access to digital currency and awareness of Bitcoin in society.

The Cambridge Bitcoin Kiosk is the third one from Liberty Teller; the other two machines were installed near Harvard University and inside Boston's South Station transportation terminal.