Personal Details

Adam Richard, born 1983, currently living in Houston, Texas

Professional experience and achievement

Adam Richard has spent the past 9 years as an entrepreneur in the software, branding, marketing, design, film production, photography, and vertical market supply chain industries.

In 2009, Adam founded Noble Imaging, LLC, a brand identity and web development firm that specialized in company conceptualization, brand strategy, marketing collateral, and web 2.0 content management systems.

He later co-founded Metal Networks, Inc., an exchange system for the buying and selling of industrial metals between large and small companies.

Adam is also the founder of the Houston Integral Salon and the Houston Bitcoin Meetup, volunteers for Carrie's Heart, and was the headline sponsor for NAMI Walks 2012.


Entrepreneurship, brand chemistry, web development, graphic design, photography, integral theory and cryptocurrencies

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Adam first discovered cryptocurrencies in 2013 and began buying and trading.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Adam is the founder of the Houston Bitcoin Meetup, co-chair with the Texas Coinitiative and a member of the Altcoin Investment Club.