Airbitz announces launch of Bitcoin business directory

Bitcoin startup Airbitz announced Monday that it had launched a new directory of business that accept Bitcoin.


In a statement posted on the company’s blog, CEO Paul Puey wrote, “Utilizing a powerful and carefully crafted search interface, the Airbitz Directory allows users to search for businesses by name, category, or description within their desired city, state/province, or country". Currently it is available in Texas, California, New York, and Hawaii.


Thus far, the directory features some 600-plus listings. We spoke with Puey on Tuesday to get his thoughts on this step for his company.


CoinTelegraph: What kind of impact do you expect your directory’s launch to have?


Puey: One of the things that I would like to say is that we aim to change the Bitcoin market by finally delivering easy-to-use products with great functionality. Our business directory is the first sample of what caliber products we aim to achieve. Finding merchants for people to spend Bitcoin has been a challenge up until now. We're convinced that easing this pain point will help spur Bitcoin adoption and support those merchants and our economy.



CT: Are you planning to integrate with other services, then?


PP: Obviously our business directory will be integrated with our mobile wallet. It will enable conveniences such as auto suggesting which merchants in the local area are the recipient of a transaction.


Puey spoke at the Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup earlier this month, and he said his company’s goal is “to bring Bitcoin to the next billion users and actually make it easy to use.”


AirBitz’s two-fold attack on Bitcoin’s cumbersome user experience includes this curated directory and an easy-to-use wallet.


“Let’s face it,” he told the crowd in LA, “Bitcoin was built by engineers for engineers. The user experience hasn’t been that great, and we aim to change that.”







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