Digital ecosystems are taking on a new form in a virtual reality metaverse. As a truly immersive experience, these opportunities give users a fresh take on how people live their lives. In iterations of this concept, some have noted the Mirrorworld, a reality in which experiences will exist in an almost one-to-one map with experiences including how a person works or learns, and projects like NewsCrypto (NWC) offer even more – trading and education-focused metaverse, where users can learn to make better investment decisions.

By encompassing all the activities that make up our world today, the metaverse will allow our world to merge with the digital universe. The intent is that one day, people can enter the world completely through virtual reality, interacting with parts of their own physical space in a combination of the two. With VR, the experience goes from what a user can see on their screen to something lived in.

Comparing how social media and our digital interactions altered the internet, one can reasonably expect the metaverse will soon change how we go about our day-to-day lives.

Although there is no one shared metaverse available to the world today, several companies have positioned themselves in a way that they can start conceptualizing and iterating on its application, releasing entire worlds for users to get a glimpse of.

Now, this also includes NewsCrypto, a project that has announced a move of its entire trading and educational ecosystem, along with different expansions, into a virtual reality (VR) setting beginning in Q4 2022.

To ensure extremely fast and cost-effective transactions, the project’s entire suite of on-chain features and tokens will be built on the Enjin’s (ENJ) Efinity blockchain. With a strong back end, beginners and experts can participate in a cohesive experience covering aspects of education to copy trading.

Vid Gradišar, the CEO and co-founder, echoes this theme, sharing,

“We believe that the metaverse will be the most important frontier for bringing crypto into the mainstream, and the current wave of adoption has only just begun. That’s why we’re building the biggest upgrade yet to the NewsCrypto ecosystem by bringing it to an open, interactive, social and feature-packed virtual universe in collaboration with Enjin, an NFT industry leader.”

The comprehensive solution provides users with everything needed to begin their journey in the crypto sphere, even if it is their first time doing so.

An all-encompassing metaverse

The core of the NewsCryptoVerse core will be customizable virtual offices, which every trader will be able to outfit with custom trading tools. Digital items like each participant’s own personalized visuals or earned certificates, like a trading challenge at the educational academy, can also be displayed.

Additionally, in addressing concerns around decentralization and security, these features will also exist as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which will be incorporated into five different areas, work, entertainment, education, networking and a marketplace. As users engage in each of these experiences, the level of detail will become more apparent, regardless of the aesthetic they choose to operate in.

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The venture was kickstarted with a $1 million grant through the NWC program, which will be used between 2022 and 2026, the first initiative being the virtual offices MVP planned for Q4 of 2021.

In this setup, different phases of this development will be done in collaboration with top names in the industry, including Efinity, Enjin’s layer one metaverse-focused blockchain on Polkadot (DOT), as well as other brands in the crypto and gaming spaces.

One-stop solution for enthusiasts

Cryptocurrency was created to expand the boundaries in a new global form of finance, suggesting to this team that the different ways of interacting with it can also transcend the physical boundaries.

Aside from the NewsCryptoVerse, there will be other developments by NewsCrypto in the coming months, including most notably the Mercury Copy Trading platform and the NewsCrypto App V3.

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