Amsterdam Bitcoin2014: Photo Report Part II
CoinTelegraph is back from Bitcoin2014 in Amsterdam, and I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone involved. We had an incredible time, not only taking part in the events but also from being able to meet and interview so many wonderful people, all of whom made the conference hugely enjoyable and memorable for us all. On behalf of everyone at CoinTelegraph, thank you Bitcoin2014!

"Bitcoin 2014 was a great opportunity to connect with the true innovators in this space and seeing the rate of change plus its increasing speed is very encouraging. Bitcoin is coming out of obscurity to explode on the global scene and most people are still blissfully unaware. What opportunity!"

Trace Mayer

"I really enjoyed catching up with friends old and new at Bitcoin2014. This community consists of some of the smartest and most courageous people on the planet."

Tuur Demeester

"Being a part of Bitcoin2014 was great opportunity for Coinkite to showcase our great retail and exchange solutions to participants from all over the world.  We also met some amazing people at our booth during the event.  Bitcoin2014 was a great success for us;  we sold-out our show inventory and even our demonstration unit!  It definitely lightened the load heading home and strengthened our view that Coinkites' exchange and retail POS products are the best in the market!  We also closed some great partnership deals that we plan to announce later this year.  At the show we also welcomed two new advisors to our team – Peter Todd, Mastercoin Chief Scientist and Bitcoin core developer and Nooshin Mohtashami, former COO of Onada.”

Rodolfo Novak, Co-Founder CoinKite

"Bitcoin is a new technology and is still in its very early stages. As with anything new, we recommend that the users educate themselves on the benefits as well as the risks of using bitcoins. The recent Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam presented this opportunity for businesses and consumers alike to learn about bitcoins for a variety of experts. Europe is adopting bitcoin quickly as many European are used to dealing with multiple currencies and as one of the top financial centers in Europe, Amsterdam was a great place to host the Bitcoin 2014 conference".

Tony Gallipi, Executive Chairman of BitPay