NFT games are far different than owning a nonfungible token (NFT) from CryptoPunks or EtherRocks in your wallet. Instead, NFT games add a new layer of complexity requiring some knowledge of the game’s rules, mechanics and player interactions. Within each game, NFTs might be an object like a weapon or portion, or they might be the avatar you can use. The difference between NFTs and in-game assets in a traditional game comes down to your ability to exchange or trade these items with other players for a profit.

Swapping, creating and using NFTs in a game requires smart contracts to hold the rules for the digital asset. Each smart contract contains a self-executing piece of code that is stored on the blockchain. Gamers will likely come across multiple ways to earn, one of the main being in-game NFTs. In this scenario, rather than earning fungible tokens, gamers can earn NFTs that represent collectible items that can vary in worth depending on their rarity or usefulness in the game. 

While the first NFT games released primarily offered in-game digital collectibles, newer games will use a combination of this and a play-to-earn structure, which provide gamers with an opportunity to earn a more steady income. With each game being set up differently, many non gamers or those new to the gaming world may find it to be a challenge to get started. To address both groups comes the release of a game known as Hewer Clan

Hewer is a new NFT project built to “reach and welcome newcomers to the NFT space, as well as experienced NFT people,” according to their team. They continue by sharing, “at Hewer Clan, we want to unite utility with an asset that will keep appreciating, alongside a cool-looking art piece that you’ll be pleased to hold and have fun with the features each Hewer Tag unlocks for its holders.”

A plague-ravaged world

To get a feel for the game, prospective players can start by imagining a world that for the past 100 years has been ravaged by a terrible plague. The plague quickly spread across the planet, reaching every distant part of the globe. Fortunately, over the century, some people grew an immunity to the disease. These people were known as Hewers. They later organized themselves into a Hewer Clan. Within the clan, each member carries their own tag, which confirms their abilities and belonging to the elite. In simpler words, Hewer Clan shares, “the tag opens all doors!” 

Hewer Clan members are divided into four main factions: Gentlemen, Riders, Necromancers and Bandits, according to where they live and their behavior. These factions come into play when gamers are considering opportunities to earn.

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On the chance side, the Hewer Clan game will allow players to earn through regular airdrops for NFT holders of other projects and new collections made by the greater community. 

The game also includes play-to-earn features such as the Battlefield, where four factions will compete for power in the post-apocalyptic world. Since each Hewer has its own skillset, they will need to play to their advantage to determine the outcome of the battle. Each tag holder can begin ranking up in the leaderboard to earn rewards and potentially share them with their faction.

Furthermore, Hewer Clan holds a CryptoPunk in their Treasury, meaning every Tag holder owns a small piece of CryptoPunk #5202, a prestigious NFT currently valued at ~360k USD. 

Building a better game, together

Shortly, Hewer Clan plans to leverage a Merge Protocol to provide the opportunity for interaction with other avatar-friendly NFT projects. Merging NFTs will result in the creation of new custom-made digital assets. 

The team guarantees their roadmap is void of unfulfilled promises. They state this truth, reassuring players, “from the start; the community will be able to suggest and help to choose the future for Hewer Clan.” The project has pledged 40% from all sales (approximately 230 ETH) towards the community treasury to help shape the future of gameplay. 

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