After the news article about the Saxbe brothers of Seattle who accept bitcoins in their Cheese Wizards mobile truck food venue, it was interesting to open up for the society some more similar vendors, shops and markets accepting bitcoin during their everyday working routine. Another great example to look for is an antique shop owned by a married pair David and Ester Edry. The store “David’s Antiques” offers a very wide variety of old, but precious stuff in a very good condition – among them jewelry, fine art examples, furniture of different historic periods, old and rare books and many other things commonly found in a similar shop. The location is very comfortable and appreciated – the French Quarter of the New Orleans.

The conversation with Ester Edry proved to be very interesting. She got to know about the crypto currency about a year ago and thought about implementing the system in their business. Now she looks forward the development of the community involved in the bitcoin system. She is excited that the system unites customers, who become friends all over the world.

Their story of implementation started in the middle of the spring, this year. The pair even thinks they could have opened a wallet some time earlier. Two main advantages that impacted their decision were first of all small fees and overall safety. Nothing of the payment got ever lost. The couple plainly voices the opinion that they do not want to fill the pockets of the owners of the fiat currency payment systems with fees and commission payments. They enjoy the freedom and decentralization of the bitcoin system.

The district is a very creative and artistic one; it attracts tourists and lots of visitors. The sign saying that the shop accepts bitcoins is better than any other type of advertising an antique shop could wish to have. People come, take photos with their shield on the door, discuss the matters with David or Ester, and depends on who is currently in the store. This is also a great example for the crypto currency community in general. Such approach and a huge flood of people spread the information, such venues are great examples of bitcoin physical presence in the everyday life of its users and activists.

The first transaction made via bitcoin network was filmed by the customer himself. Paul Snow and his wife decided to buy some cufflinks and a money clip. They have paid for them with bitcoins. It was easy, needed almost no time and the offer for the pioneers was even a little bit reduced to make the deal an even more pleasurable deed.

Ester and David hope that their example will make more vendors around them, both in the French Square and in the New Orleans in general no just accept any kind of crypto currency, but mostly the bitcoins. It might even enable a more comfortable cooperation between them, establish a network of loyal customers and allow making special offers for the one who are very special among the customers.