Axiom eSports officially sponsored by /r/Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency and virtual life are closely interconnected.Today‘s gamingcommunity is giving a great boost to the process of digital currency promotion.Moreover, the crypto-community ready to support gaming industry, too. 
The Reddit subcommunity/r/Bitcoin is commonly used by cryptocurrencyusers. It is the place where you can find a wealth of information and hotdiscussions from the world of digital currency. 

Last year /r/Bitcoin became a sponsor ofthe StarCraft 2 tournament organized by TotalBiscuit. Later in March a discussion of probable sponsorship of TotalBiscuit’s eSportsteam Axiom for a trial period of 6 months was published:

"So, asyou may know we have advertising budget on the subreddit thanks to your kinddonations. Since Reddit is kind enough to advertise us forfree with a sidebar ad, that money has been sitting idly by waiting for somegood thing to spend it on.” 

This weekend it finally became possible. Now /r/Bitcoinis an official sponsor of the Axiom eSports team. 

"We at the /r/Bitcoin community are excitedto be working with TotalBiscuit again. The community responseduring the Bitcoin Starcraft was very positive, so we decided to continue therelationship. We hope the sponsorship will beuseful to the Axiom team and will promote the Bitcoin use in eSports scene” - said moderator of the subredditPiotr Piasecki about the new partnership.

Axiom eSports was formed on 26 September2012 by well-known caster John 'TotalBicuit' Bain and hiswife Genna Bain, after the Korean Protoss player CranK advised them to createa new professional Starcraft team. Now with the support of sponsors suchas The Cynical Brit,Husky,Planetside and WASDKeyboards, Axiom is striving to establish a strong presence within the eSportsscene. 

According to official press release on AxieleSports homepage TotalBiscuit gave a statement saying:

"It makes sense for something as cutting edgeas cryptocurrency to be involved with another cutting edge industry likeeSports. An increasing number of sites are starting to accept Bitcoin includingStarcraft’s own Teamliquid and /r/Bitcoin is a great place to find guides andinformation on how to start using cryptocurrency” 

The idea of /r/Bitcoin to be Axiom sponsor was welcomed by cryptocommunity, some of them consideringit a mutually beneficial relationship. 

"We'dlike to thank the /r/Bitcoin community for their support and hope to bring homeresults in return” said TotalBiscuit.