Recent years have revealed a decline in major sports attendance due to how good the experience of watching at home now is. Bitcoin casinos are taking advantage of this same phenomenon to grow exponentially.

Bitcoin is decentralized, mostly anonymous, and is not subject to variance in rules and regulations that traditional currency around the world is. For these reasons, it has become a popular way for people from around the globe to engage in gambling entertainment. It makes sense due to the cultural and religious stigma that is often associated with gambling. Making the trip to a brick and mortar casino or gaming on a traditional currency based online casino can be a hassle.

Bitcoin allows for anonymous deposits and withdraws in a near instant fashion, making bitcoin gambling virtually anonymous. Further, bitcoin casino players can engage in their favorite games of chance or skill whenever they choose from the comfort of their own home. Hotels, transportation, and eating out costs are all eliminated.  

Sports Betting is also Experiencing Massive Growth

Sports betting is another form of bitcoin gambling entertainment that has expanded at a frenetic rate, with vast potential to continue to grow. March Madness, the nickname for the tournament that decides the collegiate basketball championship in the United States, is expecting to take in more than 9 billion dollars’ worth of bets this year. Clearly the thirst for action from consumers is there and growing every single year. There are a large number of sports books who currently accept bitcoin deposits and bets.

Sports and outcome betting junkies will also be excited to learn about bitcoin betting exchanges. Unlike traditional sports betting, where the house places the odds and the players can choose to either take those odds or not place a bet, bitcoin betting exchanges offer players a chance to play both sides.

The betting exchanges work by supplying a venue for the action of players, who are able to place odds themselves or accept the odds of another player. Players bet against each other, the bitcoin betting exchange is simply a facilitator of the action. With this new freedom in action, players can either be the layer of odds or the backer of the bet. Both layers and backers can choose the odds they prefer, or create their own and allow other players to accept them if they wish.

What makes this unique is bettors of both sides are able to place bets at odds they feel are most advantageous to them. This is not the only reason bitcoin betting exchanges should be on the radar of event occurrence betting enthusiasts, they will also save you a bundle on fees. Since bitcoin betting exchanges are not active participants in the bet, the fees associated with wagering there are dramatically lower than traditional sports books.

Instead of the industry standard 5%-16%, bitcoin betting exchanges offer rates of around 2%. This is a huge equity gain for large and small players alike, giving everyone a better opportunity to be successful. If you have not yet looked into bitcoin betting exchanges, but enjoy the action of outcome based and sports wagering, now is definitely the time to do so.

Fantasy sports betting is experiencing a prolonged growth spurt, becoming a multi-billion dollar industry in just a few short years. Just like with poker 5 years ago, state and federal regulators are cracking down with the exposure exponential growth has given fantasy sports betting. Many are frustrated with government involvement, suspecting it has more to do with the desire of traditional gambling outlets to protect their business than with the concern for customer safety.  

Calls for bitcoin to be integrated into the largest fantasy sports gambling sites have been ramping up on social media. Enthusiasts should pay close attention to the potential acceptance of bitcoin into their favorite fantasy sports gambling sites, as it is likely coming soon. Until then a large number of very reputable sites offer traditional sports betting based entirely on bitcoin, so no one is left without any options by their local regulations.

Bitcoin Poker is Alleviating Frustration in the Online Poker World

Online Poker is not a new phenomenon, growing from a small community to over 50 million unique players participating in real money games in 2015. Also not new is the difficulty of depositing and withdrawing from online poker sites. Long brutally slow or even outlawed by national and local governments, traditional methods of withdrawing your money onto and off of poker sites have been a tedious process at best.

Now many mainstream online poker sites are accepting bitcoin deposits and withdraws. Players can participate in big time online tournaments with up to a million dollar guarantee. Cash players can find steadily populated games from the micros all the way up to high stakes action.

Research is Vital to a Satisfactory Bitcoin Gambling Experience

Due to the large scale growth of bitcoin gambling casinos, bitcoin poker, and bitcoin sports books, researching where to play is now a must. Like any major industry, nefarious bitcoin gambling sites are out there looking to take advantage of unsuspecting players. In order to combat this players should be aware of the dangers and do their homework in terms of researching a site prior to depositing money there.

First and foremost is ensuring that the site you are considering is using provably fair technology. Provably fair technology is now a bitcoin gambling standard and players should only trust sites that use it. The technology essentially eliminates the ability for either the bitcoin casino or the player to engage in any kind of cheating or exploitation. For a bet to be placed, it requires data from both the house and the player to be engaged. Once the bet is finished, it is publicly recorded with the outcome being something the player can verify immediately. This is a safeguard that every player should ensure the bitcoin gambling site they choose to wager uses.

Secondly, bitcoin forums and bitcoin casino review sites are an invaluable tool for players. Bitcoin gambling forums can give players a first-hand account of their experience, good or bad, with bitcoin gambling sites. This allows for players to make an informed decision based on how other players felt about their play on certain sites. Review sites are excellent sources of information about the specifics of each bitcoin casino, as well as a guide to where to find the best promotions and player deals to take advantage of.