Cointelegraph has expanded its media group yet again with the proud addition of the Bitcoin Warrior to its ranks. The CT Media Group already includes and and seems to be expanding on a nearly weekly basis.

To celebrate and welcome the new member of our Group we offer a 20% discount on all banner placement on the new site up until 5th of September.

Bitcoin Warrior was founded as a direct result of the frustration that came with the recent global economic meltdown. Like many of us the founders were attracted to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies because of their potential for preventing repeats of 2008. The company’s objectives are to provide a wide range of services to the Bitcoin community. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Providing Bitcoin related news and analysis
  • Providing educational materials to individuals and businesses new to Bitcoin
  • Profiles of brick and mortar businesses that accept Bitcoin as payment
  • Reviews of online Bitcoin services
  • Promotion of worthwhile Bitcoin charities or charities that accept Bitcoin
  • Monitoring and reporting on scams and frauds

Bitcoin Warrior is offering a wide variety services that fit very well with the Cointelegraph mission and a collaborative effort can certainly boost Bitcoin’s chances to grow even more. There is currently a great deal of news that needs to be presented to educate the public and this requires multiple news sources and information portals. Bitcoin Warrior’s profiling of businesses, both off and online along with scam alerts are valuable tools for the community as a whole.

One of Bitcoin Warrior’s most important features however is their learning sections. These include basic information for Bitcoin beginners on subjects like wallets, mining, and exchanges and even include Satoshi’s whitepaper. There are not a lot of places that Bitcoin beginners can go for this type of information all in under one roof but this is certainly one of them.

About Cryptoarticles

Crytoarticles is a news media blog that focuses on everything cryptocurrency-related with dedicated sections that include the latest news, rants, services, and educational guides for beginners wanting to get involved in Bitcoin such as guidelines for mining, buying and trading cryptocurrencies.

About Whatmine was born in March 2014 with the idea of ​​providing a totally free service to the miners by giving them the opportunity to evaluate what is the most profitable currency to undermine, supporting all the most important algorithms. Since June 2014 there is a chance to see a list of pools for each currency, reported by the users themselves.

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