Bitcoin Battleships

Bitcoin hasbeen identified by the US Navy as a force for supreme evil, it has emerged.

A BroadAgency Announcement project for Navy Engineering Logistics Office of theDepartment of the Navy is currently being bid for by interested parties.

Among theparts of the project appear these two sections: “R3861 Counter Threat Finance” and “R3830 Methods and Means to Systematically Discern and Display‘Precursors of Instability’ In the Dark Web.”

Quite amouthful, but the message is serious, for among the ‘keywords’ mentioned in thebrief is “Bitcoin.”

On the radar

As a quickreminder, the Dark Web is the name given to the pages of the internet which fora number of reasons are not included by standard search engines in results. Thephenomenon can be likened to fishing on the surface of the ocean, while the‘content’ deep below remains unknown. Likewise, it is estimated that thissubsurface content is considerably larger than the surface Internet, with a preliminary study in 2001 estimating its size ataround 7.5 petabytes.

Despite theUS Navy being one of the developers of the Dark Web, it has long served as ahaven for Bitcoin, including its less sanitary uses such as that of the SilkRoad drugs trade.

Now,however, Bitcoin’s appearance on the list should make it an enemy of thepeople, according to the text of ‘R3830’, one of the supposed “adverse phenomena in the Dark Web, a regionof the internet where activities such as trafficking in drugs, weapons, humans,and chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological technologies in support ofdisruptive, nefarious actions goes undetected.”

The article containing the text was leaked to Reddit,where it predictably caused a sensation among users, one commenting “What they're saying is ‘here is a giantlist of buzzwords, we're not really sure if any of them poses a threat to/benefits national security but if you can demonstrate to us that one of themdoes we might throw some money your way.’”

Thecommunity will now no doubt be nervously waiting for the next chapter of thesaga to be published. In the meantime, you can read the call to arms here.