Bitcoin Boulevard Will Welcome Spring in Hague

The term “spring” is very mental as it includes many pleasant pictures, smells, feelings, thoughts and hopes. The Bitcoin society opting for more possibilities for people is going to incorporate these positive emotions to launch the so-called Bitcoin Boulevard in Hague, the Netherlands.

The idea is as plain as everything genial – the venues at the Culinary Avenue will start accepting Bitcoin. First of all it is the heart of the city. Secondly, the street is already full of numerous bars and restaurants. This will enable the local people and tourists of the third-big city of the Netherlands pay for dishes and drinks with the cryptocoin.

The Practical Aspect

Bitcoin Boulevard has even an own homepage worth to visit. The payment accepting routine described is already well known to many merchants working with Bitcoin and thousands of customers, who have already paid at physical presences with their virtual assets. The products, dishes, drinks or anything else will feature a QR code to scan and to process via a smartphone application.

Peter Klasen the spokesperson of the projects commented:

“With a smartphone, with the right app or an online wallet anyone can pay. But first buy some Bitcoin of course.”

The guests willing to pay in Bitcoin are going to receive special offers that will definitely attract more customers or bring Bitcoin closer to the loyal visitors of any venue. Bart van Doorn, of the Restaurant M decided:

“[We] will hold a Happy Hour until half past five for anyone who pays with Bitcoin.”

Returning to our conversation about spring – the Bitcoin Boulevard is going to launch at 17:57 pm on March 20th – right at the moment of the official start of the season.


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