The Bunny Baker cake studio creates artistic cakes and sweets that can now be purchased via Bitcoin.

If you want to order a cake for a special occasion both the baking and the design are important. The Bunny Baker understands this and tries to create cakes that are tailor-made exactly for you:

“We aim to create inspired works and it's important to us that the cake art will leave a lasting impression. We cannot design cakes without your personal suggestions or without us knowing a little more about you or the person you'd like us to craft a cake for.”

You may order cakes with cartoon characters for your children’s birthday, or cupcakes for graduates, or even a big cake covered with flowers. But the best choice for a Bitcoin fan could be a Bitcoin Cake or chocolate cupcakes with bubblegum flavored fondant Bitcoin. Looks delicious!

The Bunny Baker is a home baking business run by Aila Sim-Yonzon and her husband Kensei since 2010. It started as a livelihood project but has become a popular choice for people looking for a special cake. Today Aila is a bakery boss and Kensei a master sculpture.

Our very first cupcake flavor is my all time favorite: carrot with cream cheese frosting. We nicknamed it the ‘lovebunny cupcake.’ Lovebunny was my online handle at the time, because I like cute things, like hearts (love) and bunnies. I like all things kawaii, and to me, bunnies are about as kawaii as it gets,” explained Aila Sim-Yonzon the reason why her business is called The Bunny Baker. “Luckily for us, I’m the boss. If it were up to my husband, who knows, we might be called the Bakery of the Black Skull or something right now.”

The Bunny Baker is one of the bakeries in Philipines that has already recognized crypto-currency and is happy to accept it for their products.

The Bunny Baker announced that they started accepting Bitcoin payments at the end of April. And the crypto-currency payment system is powered by

Try visiting The Bunny Baker page if you want to order a delicious work of art, get some inspiration or admire the skill of these bunny bakers.