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New York, NY – Bitcoin Center NYC, the city’s only brick-and-mortar institution dedicated to the further adoption of Bitcoin, announced today it will hold a roundtable discussion on Bitcoin and the Blockchain tailored specifically for journalists.



The roundtable will offer a dynamic group discussion as well as the opportunity to speak directly with Bitcoin Center NYC staff in a relaxed setting.



Reporters of any familiarity – from veterans to those less acquainted, and those covering associated beats including currency or commodities – are welcome to further explore the technology, and navigate the industry landscape.



Center experts will answer questions – on or off the record – pertaining to the Bitcoin protocol and will give opinions on digital currency related topics.  Participant journalists need not have a story in progress, though the event offers entrants a chance to initiate or develop a story.



The talk will occur at the only centralized place for this decentralized technology: Bitcoin Center NYC, 100 feet from the NYSE in the heart of New York’s Financial District.



Refreshments will be served courtesy of Bitcoin Center NYC.



Event details are as follows.Time is Eastern.