Bitcoin comics a la Rage

The Bitcoin world can seem so stuffy at times. Tech specs, market quotes, the newest in digital wallets? It’s healthy to lighten up about the whole cryptocurrency world sometimes. We hope our “Who’s Who” in the Bitcoin community, a la Rage Comics, comes to you like a breath of fresh air. Enjoy!

James Howel

Imagine a man, who was a step away from striking it big, I mean we’re talking millions of bucks here, and then Boom! He lost it all. James Howel is THAT man. Howel mined 7500 bitcoins, put it on a hard drive, which he then proceeded to lose.  By the time Howel realized he lost it, it was too late and no one knew where it went. Easy to say it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver. My goodness. It might be impossible to illustrate how much belief this Bitcoin evangelist has in cryptocurrency. It seems that his confident disposition and wry smile turns unbelievers into the most faithful of cryptocurrency supporters. Whatever it is, we can only envy this man’s coolness.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Trolling is a skill that can’t be taught: it requires such aggressiveness yet at the same time is marinated in good spirit. The one man who can do this easily and naturally? Andreas M. Antonopoulos. We all love to laugh a little, although when it comes to Andreas we never know who’s laughing at who.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has given a 110% effort to help the needy in Africa. With this in mind he thinks about how cryptocurrency can reach the needy. His aspirations are high and his thoughts are global. How he will pull it off is still not clear, but we have hope that one of the brightest minds on our planet will accomplish this task. Let’s leave him alone to think a little.

Elizabeth Ploshay

Bitcoin is for everyone? you got that right! And of course cryptoccurency doesn’t discriminate. One of the most charming and dedicated leaders of the Bitcoin movement comes in the form of Elizabeth Ploshay. Perhaps many people have already embraced cryptocurrency thanks to her.

Tony Gallippi

While evangelicals are slaving away promoting Bitcoins, Tony Gallippi prefers to popularize cryptocurrency simply by spending it. Who else bought a new electronic vehicle with Bitcoins? While we sit here worrying about the ups and downs of the bitcoin market, Tony Gallippi is zipping around in his new Tesla.

Mark Karpeles

The collapse of Mt: Gox has been a headache for so many people. And not just for those who lost their savings.  The topic still remains a PR nightmare for the entire community and it is difficult to imagine a more disastrous event in terms of confidence in cryptocurrency. However, Karpeles himself seems to be quite pleased with what is happening  and never changes his face, as if he is even pleased with the outcome.

Dorian Nakomoto

Dorian Nakomoto definitely did not expect to become so famous. The man who was wrongfully identified as the founder of Bitcoin instantly became a meme among BTC fans, and Dorian even managed to earn some money off of this. But it seems he is hoping his 15 minutes of fame are over.

Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee plays with the cryptocurrency world as he pleases. China certainly provides unbelievable opportunities in the market, Bitcoin being no exception. News comes every day from China of market rates going sky high, only to drop to the lowest of the low.

Mrs. P