Bitcoin got a humorous makeover this week with a sketch on CollegeHumor dedicated to it. The site is one of the most well-known in online comedy trafficking over 7 unique million visitors monthly.

What makes real Bitcoin comedy? It’s no secret that the recent events in Bitcoin have been so volatile that some can only have sat back and laughed. From Mt. Gox’s collapse resulting in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, to BTC price halving on Chinese loss of confidence, there was certainly no shortage of material for a few minutes’ satire.

Genuine appeal 

More important, though, is the choice of Bitcoin for a popular sketch at all. Not only are consumers made aware of the nature of Bitcoin en masse via this method: Collegehumor’s choice also highlights increasing awareness and perceived importance of Bitcoin outside the technical community and financial sector.

Indeed, the sketch’s punchlines are generated not only from headlines involving Mt. Gox but also from technical aspects of Bitcoin hitherto mostly unknown or at least misunderstood by the majority of the online community. 

The situation is summed up neatly by a flick through users’ comments on Youtube since the clip was uploaded on April 9. From the predictable “I don’t get it, fill me in” and “What is Bitcoin?” to “The sad part is that funny graph is actually the price graph... and there goes all my money”, comments allude to the web community slowly educating itself about digital currency. Even a debate on the pronunciation of ‘Dogecoin’ has no doubt inspired many a disinterested user to learn the basics of the innovations.

It goes without saying of course that light mockery is hardly the best way to introduce cryptocurrency to the lay consumer. However, as the old saying goes, “all publicity is good publicity” and Bitcoin would not be the first hot topic to go from rags to riches in public opinion (think Facebook and eBay to name just two examples).

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