The world’s third Bitcoin Embassy and first in Europe is slated to open tomorrow in Warsaw, Poland. The embassy, whose doors open at 12:00pm, will function in bringing together all digital currency enthusiasts and promoting their use to all of Poland.

The embassy will open in the center of Warsaw at 46 Krucza Street and is also the first establishment whose goal it is to educate the Polish public about Bitcoin. According to the founders of the embassy, their aim is to spread information to newcomers about the practical uses of digital currencies and to help them in any capacity, including setting up their own digital wallet.

The founders, Maciej Ziółkowski and Piotr Hetzig, also want to reach out to those who are interested more in the technological side of Bitcoin. Several businesses in Poland already accept bitcoin, and the embassy would like to reach out to more businesses, venture capitalists, journalists, and anyone interested in taking part in or covering the digital currency.

Ziółkowski expressed his enthusiasm for the new embassy:

“The Bitcoin Embassy embodies the first such innovative undertaking in Europe. After Montreal and Tel Aviv it came time for Warsaw.”

Hetzig, the embassy’s president, said that “Bitcoin is the future and Poland has a chance to become a leader in this advanced industry. Anybody interested is welcome to visit us at 46 Krucza Street.”

The embassy will be holding training sessions, selling mining hardware, and hosting conferences.

Two other Bitcoin embassies are in Montreal, Canada and Tel Aviv, Israel. The Bitcoin Center NYC was opened in New York City this year to great success.

Paris plans to open “La Maison Du Bitcoin,” (The House of Bitcoin) another European Bitcoin Center, on May 13. The Maison will host local bitcoin gatherings, a bitcoin miner, and a bitcoin ATM.

As the popularity of Bitcoin grows, we can expect to see more successful centers pop up in cities around the world.