Bitcoin promoters and enthusiasts often mention among the basic virtues of the currency libertarian principles, mercy, giving a hand to those in need and support of good deeds. It is dramatic when it comes to testing of these characteristics, as often charity and donations are able only to reduce the pain, physical or mental, for some short time.    

Lais Souza has suffered betrayal from the officials, who have turned their backs after fatal accident during her practice routine.


Multifaceted Talent


Lais Souza is 25 years old. Being so young has not prevented her to assist the Brazilian gymnastics team to qualify for the London Olympic Games 2012. Competing under her home-country’s flag since 2003 she has shown exceptional results in the vault discipline. By 2013 she decided to take up skiing to strengthen the winter team and even qualified for the Sochi Olympic Games 2014.

She took up preparation in the United States. An unsuccessful movement, some unlucky seconds and she received a trauma – she has injured her neck. Now she is unable to move her limbs, neither legs, nor hands.

Long treatment in the USA, an electric wheelchair and the necessity to go through numerous therapies with no particular guaranties have crossed her sports career and changed everyday life.

The Brazilian Olympic Committee at once rejected any links with the accident. Although, she was skiing only for 6 months, the country has included her in the team. Her training partner, Josi Santos said:

“Her chances were pretty good; everyone was counting on her to compete at the Olympics.”  


Teamwise Help

The people of the country seeing the indifference of the Committee decided to raise the funds on its own. One of the most active participants and generators of the blessing idea was Alex Ferreira. Being a well-known Brazilian coin user, he at once got engaged in the fundraising process and established a special wallet for donations. He also watches for the collection of the money and its provision to Souza. The donors have all instruments to clearly follow the movements of money.

Andre Horta, the CEO of Brazilian exchange BitcoinToYou decided to provide feeless exchange of collected Bitcoins towards Brazilian Reais to provide some extra help.

The situation has proven that the community consists of sensitive people, willing and able to help. It is a terrible example how officials use people for profit, consider as instruments and lack interest losing the source of benefits.

The tetraplegia is going to cost $ 6500 per month in Brazil or $77300 per year. Additional costs will appear considering the establishment of her new everyday life at home, provision of the care she requires.


The donating process can be followed under

The wallet address for donations is 1k8At2Pk6wMf8vtQZdTrjd9wELC4b4.