Bitcoin Geeks Still Have a Chance

Boredom got you down? Loneliness getting the best of you?Well hell, crack into your bitcoin savings and see if you can land that luckysomeone. Bitcoin users looking to comb the dating scene are in luck as datingwebsites have begun accepting digital currencies for their services. And tomake things even sweeter, there’s a dating site geared specifically towardsBitcoin enthusiasts.

How much do you really need to know about someone before youhave to muster up the cajones and feel suave enough to ask them out on a date?BTCDate, an experimental free dating website for Bitcoin enthusiasts that cameabout last September, can lighten the load when you sign up and help you cutthrough unnecessary cheapskates, even before you supply your interests, sex,and age:

What is the minimum amount of bitcoin you wouldaccept for going on a date?