Bitcoin Geeks Still Have a Chance

Boredom got you down? Loneliness getting the best of you? Well hell, crack into your bitcoin savings and see if you can land that lucky someone. Bitcoin users looking to comb the dating scene are in luck as dating websites have begun accepting digital currencies for their services. And to make things even sweeter, there’s a dating site geared specifically towards Bitcoin enthusiasts.

How much do you really need to know about someone before you have to muster up the cajones and feel suave enough to ask them out on a date? BTCDate, an experimental free dating website for Bitcoin enthusiasts that came about last September, can lighten the load when you sign up and help you cut through unnecessary cheapskates, even before you supply your interests, sex, and age:

What is the minimum amount of bitcoin you would accept for going on a date?

The promotion for BTCDate on Reddit explained: “paying for 'a chance' has a long history in western culture. From guy buys dinner and movie to the age-old dowry, courtship has never been a resource-free negotiation. BTCDate experimentally puts this in the open, promoting an outright purchase of a date.”

Now, given the fact that Bitcoin is big on pseudonyms and the promotion uses vague language like “we fully expect this site to be used for more than just 'dates'. How you use it is your business,” we can’t help but think this is walking a very, very thin line of dating site and escort service.

Furthermore, the first 50 women between the ages of 18-30 (no love for the 30+ crowd) who provided two real photos of themselves will receive 0.01 BTC upon signing up. The popularity of the site never really soared to the heavens, so word if there were even 50 signees at all never surfaced.

A similar site,, made offers back in November of .001BTC for male and transgender signees and .002BTC for women as they tried to put together their first 100 members. The dating site is to help connect single men and women located in Asia, although you don’t have to live in Asia. The promotion for the site made clear that incomplete or fake profiles would not be compensated in Bitcoin, so hackers beware.

Perhaps you’ve already amassed your Bitcoin fortune and petty offers of emerging websites don’t intrigue you? Not to worry, as this week the dating site OkCupid is now accepting bitcoin for its services. There’s no ploy or deal. Rather the extremely popular website now accepts bitcoin payments from its A-list members who filter results to their needs.

Well, rounding off the list of dating services that accept Bitcoin is the Bulgarian site Unfortunately I know so little about Bulgaria and Bulgarians that I can’t even muster a quip, or any reaction, so don’t take my lack of sarcasm as offense my dear readers in Sofia.

So fellow Bitcoiners, Godspeed to you in the dating world. Get out there and don’t come back until your virtual wallet is empty and your heart is full of love. And if that doesn’t work out, just try to be more successful  than the Bitcointalk dating thread from 2011. If you do that, consider yourself a regular Don Juan

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