If you happen to be living in San Francisco, USA, you may have recently noticed some particular graffiti popping up all over the streets of the city. More specifically, the images can be seen mostly on ATMs and Apple buses. Those unable to observe these fine examples of street art in person can still do so @instagram.com/cryptograffiti.

The appearance of these thematic stickers and signs on coaches and ATMs has experienced a surge in recent weeks. Buses transporting Apple workers are tracked by activists, who at each stop, quickly clean up the surrounding area, place a quirky sticker, and proceed to follow the bus along its route.

The cryptograffiti name was taken from Bitcoin’s classification as a cryptographic asset. The reason behind this recent movement or, perhaps, individual incentive, is assumed to be related to Apple’s recent removal of Blockchain, the most popular Bitcoin application, from its App Store.

So, has Banksy taken up interest in crypto-currencies? Unfortunately we may never know since the Instagram account appears to be the only clue to the identity of the street-artist. Cointelegraph will continue monitoring events in hopes of bringing you more information on this story.