Why should Bitcoin stay all the way digital and untouchable? Something should change this and introduce some physical presence of the widespread coin. Please, let us welcome the new neon and sparkling bitcoin sign to be placed anywhere in, on or above the retail venue.

The initial idea was to bring more feeling and real contact with the bitcoins – during the moments of dealing with them, spending, receiving and exchanging. The new image of the Bitcoin should be presented to the customers to inform them that the venue accepts bitcoins as a fair method of payment for goods, products or services.

The author of the neon sign is the bitcoin community member Crypt0queen, who designed the concept and provided to a manufacturer located in California. More than a half of all produced units were sold during the first 24 hours of availability.

The developers, programmers and coders are trying their best to ensure the possibility to pay for physical matter in real shops and supermarkets with bitcoins. Their work is very important, but might loose of success in case the customers are not aware of the fact that the venue is ready to receive payments in bitcoins or possible other crypto currency.

Returning to the sign is important to mention the dimensions of it. It is about 65 cm high and 50 cm wide, which equals to 25 and 19 inches. With the power of 65,5 watts from the electrical network of 120 volts, has currently only the US plug, but can be easily modified for use in other networks with different sockets.

As published some time ago the owners of the Cheesy Wizards already experienced a problem to inform their customers about accepting the bitcoins. They have made a sign on their own, but not as classy and chic as the one offered by Crypt0queen. That fact might change the everyday routine of the Saxbe brothers making them even more recognizable of the streets of their home city Seattle.

As it looks like very attractive and colorful, the sign is suitable for use for promotion of bigger businesses as casinos and gambling venues. The style is more than appropriate. Ardon Lukasiewics working on implementation of BTC parallel to dollars in casinos pays respect to this designer item.

The neon sign is offered by the page Cryptocables and costs 225 dollars. Also remember the shipping for a 16 pound heavy sign. Payments are accepted both in fiat and crypto currency.

Both the developer and the experts of the branch, as other representatives of the bitcoin community, see the positive perspectives of the usage of this neon sign. It makes more people acquainted with the payment system than before, is a good way to advertise the currency and bring it closer to even more users all around the world. It should encourage more people pay with bitcoin and more vendors to establish a POS system for receiving of BTC.