Bitcoin Inspired PRG
Digital currency in not just a modern payment method, Bitcoin is inspiring people to be creative.

Today computer games and especially networked games are inextricably associated with the digital world and the internet. With digital currency has appeared a new Multiplayer Online Action RPG Game. Please welcome CoinRPG – a game developed specially for RPG gamers and Bitcoin fans alike!

This game features various MMORPG options like level-up, real-time teaming up with friends and PvP combat. Gamers can explore an open world, discover hidden treasures and hunt monsters for loot.

In the official developers review the story of game’s development is described:

“When I coup up with Bitcoin I noticed that there are a lot of people making bitcoin games but most of them are gambling games, so that requires you some deposit – some Bitcoins in order to win Bitcoins. And I wanted to do something a little bit different.”

CoinRPG doesn’t require you to have a deposit with bitcoins which means you won’t have to lose your bitcoins. One of the driving features of CoinRPG is that gamers could play and win Bitcoins by competing.

Gamers will be able to compete against each other and have the chance to win Bitcoins during Official CoinRPG Bitcoin Contests. For example, developers are considering a contest where the player who collects the most treasure would be a certain date would win 0.01 bitcoins.

“I have major plans to continue updating this game, and am putting a lot of effort into marketing the game! So the sooner you intergrate this game into your website, and utilize those keywords, the sooner you will begin to see some benefit from adding this fun bitcoin game on your website,” said one of the developers at Kuroato Media.

Kuroato Media is a new and independent game development studio based in Miami, Florida. It was founded in November 2012:

“We are a small but hard working team of avid gamers, and passionate game developers. Our mission is to create immersive game worlds that connect gamers from around the world; offering unique interactive social gaming experiences. We hope you enjoy our games, and look forward to seeing you play in our world.”

CoinRPG is absolutely free to play to everyone on PC, Mac, Linux and other platforms.

So, if you are RPG game lover or Bitcoin fan visit CoinRPG and enjoy new experience!

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