Before cars already have been sold for bitcoins, but on the 4th of December the hugest deal ever has been approved. The Lamborghini Newport Beach from Costa Mesa, CA sold the Tesla Model S Performance to an unknown customer, who made the purchase with the virtual coin. The most terrific aspect of this event is the fact that the car is fully electric and together with the basic principles of bitcoin – progress, freedom, decentralizations – symbolizes a step in a new era of technology and economy. While the government and the authorities are still discussing the regulations to be introduced to the market, there is no law prohibiting exchanging crypto currency for real world products and services. The biggest question that has stays unclear is the taxes to be collected in this case. Currently it seems that any might be charged from the vendor during the exchange of the digital currency to the fiat dollars.

As the currency attracts more and more reliable partners and gains support from persons having a good name in business and finance, it also widens its network among merchants. The best advertising a matter can have was received from the billionaire Sir Richard Branson and the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernake, whose letter to the Senate Committee says that virtual currency "may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system."

The merchants describe the introduction of a new payment method as a success and a high-valued advantage. The more ways to pay offered the more customers might be attracted to the goods or services they can receive. The Overland Park Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler president and owner Norman Vialle sees bitcoin as a way for attraction of new buyers. His salon based in Overland Park, Kansas also accepts the crypto coin for both new and pre-owned cars, as well as spare parts and vehicle services. The entering payments are produced by the service Bitpay, who also presents the wallet and exchanges the coins to dollars during the next 24 hours with no influence from the changing price for BTC in this time period.

Such interest from users and merchants can be explained with the rising popularity of the coin that gains a more powerful background and support from big players, like the Chinese Baidu, from all over the world. The rising price, conferences and many other happening in the sphere makes the system stabilize, which makes it more trustworthy and reliable. During this week more than 70000 wallets were registered according to the statistics.

What can we say – numbers and trends speak a more understandable language for businessmen worldwide as any kind of pressure from the officials.