“The Good Wife” has just mentioned Bitcoin and Silk Road on the screen for once again. The 20th episode of the season 5 is dedicated to investigation of Silk Road case. It was shown on CBS channel on May the 4th. 

Yes, the story of Silk Road bad behavior is now discussed in television movies as well. A young man Robbie was accused for working for the Silk Road and selling drugs and assault weapons.  

Prosecutor Finn Polmar says that 65 BTC or about $39 000 were deposit in Robbies digital wallet as a pay for employee of Silk Road. Moreover, the story also slightly mentioned Mt.Gox bankruptcy. Finn is looking for a plea with Robbie in exchange for information… 

Well, I’m not going to retell to our readers the whole story of the episode, not to spoil your interest. 

“The Good Wife” is American television series of the legal drama. The first episode was shown on CBS on September 22th, 2009 and gained great popularity. It was expanded to a full season (23 series, instead of the originally ordered 13 episodes), and later continue for more seasons. 

Soon “The Good Wife” has received universal critical acclaim. Moreover, Julianna Margulies got a Golden Globe for the Best Actress in a TV series in 2009. 

The plot of the story is about Alicia Florrick, played by famous actress Julianna Margulies, is just a good wife of Chicago Attorney and mother of two children. But her quite life changes after her husband got accused in a sex scandal and charges of corruption. 

Alicia decides to get back to work of a lawyer after 13 years break and her friend Will Gardner , arranges her junior lawyer in his law firm. 

The story of a Good Wife turns to be much more interesting than an ordinary women’s drama. 

However, “Almost Human” television series has already mentioned Bitcoin in its scenes as a currency in future.