With the massive growth in online casinos accepting BitCoin, it can be hard to know which are the best and which should be avoided. A quick search on Google will list many hundreds of sites offering “BitCoin casino reviews”, but how reliable are they?

Where there are online casinos there will be affiliate schemes, and most of these sites' “reviews” can be as basic as listing what games the site offers and whether there is a sign-up bonus. All the site really cares about is that you visit one of the casinos so that they get a commission.

To redress the balance, BitCoinGambling.net was founded, with a remit to only list the genuinely best casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites that accept BitCoins.

When visiting the site, you will see that there are only a handful of gambling sites listed, because they are committed to only endorse sites offering you, the player, the best possible experience.

There are around a dozen aspects considered before a casino or sportsbook is listed, and obviously any website with a chequered history, or even sub-standard games compared to the best casinos, will not make the cut.

Going forward, BitCoinGambling.net are developing a tool that will allow all the site users to easily compare sites themselves, clearly presenting the reasons why one site is a better fit than another.

Most players do not want or need to join multiple online gambling sites, they just want to find the best one for them, and BitCoinGambling.net want to be the site which helps them to decide that.