Bitcore has been able to provide a 100% compatibility with Bitcoin Core test data. It is an important milestone in the development of a complete, native interface for the Bitcoin network. 

BitPay made the announcement on April 16 in Atlanta, GA, USA. BitPay has been working on Bitcoin solutions for business ideas and has received recognition for its ongoing work. 
Basic principles of the update guarantee that Bitcore correctly processes test input data as it is done by Bitcoin Core, the Bitcoin reference client. This has been the project’s main aim since its launch in February 2014. 
The company appreciates any form of public response as Bitcore is considered a community effort. Stephen Pair, CTO and Co-Founder of BitPay, said in the official release: 
“Achieving this milestone provides a stable interface for the Bitcoin network and enhances our continued commitment of open-source projects. It is our hope to continue to support the developer community and build the Bitcoin ecosystem.” 
The testing period is still in progress and BitPay is grateful to receive any contributions to widen the coverage. To participate in the development all enthusiasts are welcome to prepare tests, which will help gain information about the source code, as well as provide additional specific information on Bitcoin in general. 
Manuel Araoz has populated the guidance “How to Contribute to Bitcore” for people ready to create updates and asking for the details of the project. 
Finally the common work should lead to full compatibility and 100% coverage. Ssuccess is determined by the Istanbul instrument reporting the following statistics: