[Update september 1, 2014: Bitfilm coins are now available for purchase here.]


The 14th edition of the Bitfilm Festival — an annual film festival that will be Bitcoin-specific this year so it's only fitting that Bitfilm will issue its own coin on September 1 through Mypowers.com.

 - Bitfilm Festival 2014 from Aaron Koenig on Vimeo

Acquiring Bitfilm Coins will give holders access to the festival, voting rights for which films get awarded, and other perks.

“Bitcoin technology opens new possibilities for cultural events like film festivals to get funded by their fans,” festival founder Aaron Koenig said in a statement. “We have been experimenting with Bitcoin since 2011, but this year we will focus completely on this new form of money that takes away power from banks and governments and gives it to the people.”

Bitfilm Coins

Beginning Tuesday, August 26, anyone can purchase Bitfilm Coins at an exchange rate of .05 BTC each. Holders will get increased benefits for holding more coins. Those benefits break down as follows:

  • 1 Bitfilm Coin = A free festival pass at any of the festival’s locations (Berlin, Seoul and Buenos Aires have been named as festival sites so far)
  • 2 Bitfilm Coins = A free pass plus a t-shirt
  • 8 Bitfilm Coins = A free pass, a t-shirt and a pair of WTF jeans
  • 13 Bitfilm Coins = A free pass and a VIP dinner with the directors and producers in a city of the holders’ choice
  • 21 Bitfilm Coins = Holders can organize their own Bitfilm event, with rights to screen selected films and keep revenues from selling tickets, drinks and other merchandise.

Beyond the above perks, holders of Bitfilm Coins have the right to vote on the films competing in the festival. Coin holders will also receive a 20% on tickets for future festivals.

There will be 2100 Bitfilm Coins released for the 2014 festival season.

Bitfilm Festival Dates So Far

The Bitfilm Festival is a touring festival with the following dates and locations announced so far:

Festival organizers have told Cointelegraph that more dates and cities are forthcoming.

Bitfilm, which has held a film festival every year since 2000, does not take its name from Bitcoin; that’s simply a happy coincidence. The festival’s program will consist of a variety of films — from longform documentaries to animated shorts — about Bitcoin.

Cointelegraph is an official media partner for the Bitfilm Festival.

Deadline for film submissions is September 15.

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