BitPay Announces 1BTC Match to BitGive’s Donations to “The Water Project” Mission

The Bitcoin community is joining hands in an effort to provide clean water and proper sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Bitpay, the leading service provide system for Bitcoin, announced yesterday their pledge to match 1BTC in donations for BitGive Foundation’s campaign for the Water Project.

The Water Project has raised over $2 million in funds to build water projects in Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and India, providing clean water and proper sanitation. The Water Project has recently embraced cryptocurrency donations through the BitGive Foundation.

Peter Chasse, President of The Water Project, explained his reasons for accepting funds from crypto-organizations in his blog:

Unfortunately, today, as our supporter's donations make their way to our partners in Africa, these exchanges have become far more costly than the benefits organizations and individuals actually receive from these arbiters of trade…On the other hand, emerging cryptocurrencies are extremely low cost and in some cases nearly free to exchange and transfer.

Chasse continued “Today, small grants are too expensive to send. Large grants are too risky to release to untested partners. I'm looking forward to lower/no cost transfers that could allow us to work with more of the smaller, less tested, but promising local water advocates.”

The BitGive Foundation is looking to raise US$10,000 for the Water Project, who they saw as a respected organization to continue BitGive’s mission as a global charitable platform. As of the writing of this article, over US$4,000 has been raised by BitGive’s campaign. The $10,000 goal will fund an entire water project such as constructing or repairing a well or sand damn for a community in Sub-Saharan Africa.

BitGive founder Connie Gallippi recently stated how the foundation is “currently focused on health and environmental causes.”

The Water Project received good news yesterday when BitPay pledged to match 1BTC in donations from the Bitcoin community to BitGive’s campaign. Gallippi was enthusiastic about the support: “We are excited to launch this first project with BitPay and get the support of the Bitcoin community. And their donations will directly improve the lives of those in the Sub-Saharan Africa.”

This is not the first time BitPay has been involved in a charitable cause. BitPay provides their services at no cost to non-profit organizations and are supporters of BitGive, Sean’s Outpost, and other organizations.

As digital currencies maximize fee structures, establish trust with charities, and promote entrepreneurship and philanthropy among their communities, it’s important to remember that charities are working with the people’s money and have to tread lightly as new regulations monitoring Bitcoin and the like are set up. Regardless, it’s impossible not to commend those who are giving back.

BitGive’s campaign page at The Water Project can be found here

Information about BitPay can be found on their website

Expert’s Opinion from Jon Holmquist:

Bitcoin Black Friday alone raised over a million dollars for charity.Of that million, about $50,000 would have normally gone to payment processors. That's enough to start a whole new charitable organization.

I think the power of digital currency in the charitable space is both unmatched and quite frankly still untested. I've also been heavily involved in dogecoin, which to this day is still one of the most kind and loving group of internet users that has ever existed.Dozens of charitable projects have been funded due to dogecoin users' generosity.

I'd also love to give a shout out to BitGive, they've been doing a great job in trying to push BTC-centric charity.”

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