Amid growing interest in Bitcoin trading among individuals and corporations around the world a Canadian trading firm, Bitquants, is offering a global crypto trading workshop.

Aimed at both amateur and professional traders, Canadian trading firm Bitquants is launching a crypto trading workshop designed to provide an understanding of the core concepts of quantitative Bitcoin trading. The 14 hour combination “webinar” and course is being provided in both English and a later version in Chinese, a sign of the continued interest about Bitcoin in China.

The workshop is being led by Dr. Ernest Chan, an author of popular books on both quantitative and algorithmic trading, and head of research at Bitquant. Talking about the possibilities he sees within the Bitcoin trading market Chan explains that:

“Bitcoins offer numerous arbitrage opportunities for study by seasoned traders and academic researchers alike. [T]raders who are well-versed in the existing tools of algorithmic trading will benefit from the increasing liquidity in this market as it goes mainstream.”

The world of algorithmic trading is often seen as having quite high barriers to entry for those without a professional background in the subject. Blending elements of coding, trading, and statistical analysis, it represents a more involving and thorough approach to trading than most day-traders will use. The workshop being run by Bitquants aims to simplify a lot of that complexity, but still lists that it prefers those undertaking the course have some experience in programming and trading.

At the end of the workshop, attendees are expected to understand the process of using mathematics and statistics to analyze the profitability of a range of trading models. The course also lists areas being covered as: a mathematical and  practical techniques for trading bitcoin exchange rates, a tutorial to MatLab, time series trading techniques, mean reversion trading strategies, and momentum based trading strategies. What no course can of course offer is a true insight into the actual direction of Bitcoin's price. As the Bitquant website jokes, users wishing to buy a ticket should hurry up because “Bitcoin value is going up?”

Pricing at the event began at 0.75 BTC for the first 100 tickets, and now stands at 1 BTC until 500 tickets have been sold, when the price rises again to 1.99 BTC. Bitquants compares this to similar courses which it claims can cost from US$2,000 to US$3,000.

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Malick Maachi, Founder of Bitquants explains his interest in the subject and the reason they are running this new course for those interested in quantitate Bitcoin trading:

“The launch of this workshop reflects the rapid growth and interest for crypto currencies by traders. Individuals and corporations from around the world are now turning their attention to Bitcoins and Altcoin's as opportunities to improve transactions or as speculative vehicles.”

Cointelegraph is proud to be the General Media Sponsor of the workshop, and is happy to announce that both tickets and sponsorship packages can be purchased through our offices. Get in contact with the team at sales@cointelegraph for more details about the rates and deals on offer.

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