All eyes will be on BlackCoin in May as the altcoin makes a decidedly raunchy entrance to Wall Street.

It was announced today on Bitcointalk that on 29 or 30 May, “50 attractive women” all wearing black will converge on New York’s main financial district in support of the new BlackCoin Card, heralded by its creator as “a new approach to storing and transporting your blackcoins safely”.

“Something huge”

The girls will be armed with cards and sell sheets describing BlackCoin. Organizers plan to produce one thousand cards initially, all of which will be funded from donations accepted until 17 May. The projected cost of manufacture and additional expenses is just under US$10,000, but should donations exceed this figure, more cards will be made, and BlackCoin will not take a profit.

What is more, US$12,000 will reportedly allow for a professional camera team to record the event, which will then be uploaded to free-to-view Internet platforms.

“I think this event will give us the most ROI, and this will be the tipping point for BlackCoin,” the Bitcointalk announcement reads. “This community has wanted something huge and I strongly believe this is what we need.”

The BlackCoin Card itself was created to provide users with a physical interface for their cryptocurrency experience, in line with what has become a popular movement in the altcoin world.

“It is hard to get people to believe in something that only exists virtually. The cards are loaded with software that will make it easy to buy, manage, and trade blackcoins,” it is stated.