Production of ‘Singular’, the first sci-fi TV series on the Ethereum Blockchain that targets sci-fi and cyberpunk enthusiasts as well as people from all other walks of life, cultures and countries, will start on October 3.

This was announced by newly launched blockchain entertainment studio, Singular DTV – or S-DTV.

Jump into ‘Singularity’

Season 1 of the series, which promises to be an epic sci-fi adventure about the human race’s journey into a theoretical technological ‘Singularity’, will be lead by Evotion Media Producer, Kim Jackson (Blue Caprice, Inside Man, Munich) as Chief Creative Officer. Principal photography will commence in New York City, Puerto Rico and Panama.

On what he envisages to be the public response to the series upon release, S-DTV CEO, Zach LeBeau, says to Cointelegraphl:

“The ultimate reaction would be for people to see future technology as a positive influence that brings the world closer together rather than a potentially destructive force. A lot of sci-fi is dark and dystopian, Singular has some of those elements as well, but focuses more on how technology can transform the world into a better place for everyone.”

International cast of unlikely characters

Taking place between the years 2021 – 2045, ‘Singular’ follows an international cast of unlikely characters as decentralization scales and artificial intelligence becomes conscious, ultimately leading the world into a technological ‘Singularity’ - a theoretical advancement in technology that creates a human/machine super intelligence.

LeBeau says about the choice of sci-fi as opposed to another genre:

“The sci-fi genre is the perfect backdrop to tell the Singular story because the sci-fi audience wants to be entertained by the possibilities of the future. They already come into it with an open mind.”

S-DTV is creating a first-of-its-kind rights management platform for the entertainment industry and a world-wide video-on-demand portal through Ethereum’s blockchain.

‘Singular’ will be produced and distributed worldwide through the S-DTV portal as a multi-lingual series featuring a cast from the United States, Russia, China, and several other countries with its multiverse depicting a positive future of possibilities and discovery.