Colu recently released two new updates to help new users create more innovative blockchain solutions. The Colu Dashboard aims to be the central location for viewing and managing digital assets. The Sandbox API aims to enable users to quickly test code and view results.

Amos Meiri, co-founder of Colu, began exploring blockchain technology while still working at Financial Services Giant E-Torro back in 2012. Amos began interacting with the blockchain community early on, to help develop a new way to transfer assets over the blockchain. After putting in months of effort and over $100,000 of investment through E-Torro, Amos and his co-founders David & Mark turned their focus to enabling developers to transfer value over the blockchain. This focus led them to found Colu, which since it’s launch 5 months ago has already enabled over 20 use-cases.

Amos Meiri, co-founder of Colu said:

“As a team, we found that working with the blockchain was extremely difficult for those just starting out. Therefore, we felt starting a platform, which would make it easier for developers to issue assets on the blockchain was vital.”

The use-cases enabled by Colu are wide-ranging, from decentralized voting platform in the Honduras Island “Voto-Social” to secure product warranties on the blockchain, by “Warranteer”.

According to a description of new updates from Colu, the Dashboard enables a user to see an overview of the user’s assets status, inspect transactions that involve any of the user’s assets, issue and send assets, create and manage asset templates, as well as to customize their mobile app to better match a customer’s brand. While the Sandbox API enables users to quickly test code and view the results.

Amos Meiri, co-founder of Colu

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