The one sure boost to the value of Bitcoin is acceptance by major economic players. These players range from major corporations like, or Walmart to nations, especially the larger First World nations like the United States, EU member nations and China, where any level of recognition can have an effect.

Bloomberg added a Bitcoin price ticker in April. But the first step to this level of inclusion seems to have come today when first Yahoo and followed immediately thereafter by Google announced the inclusion of a Bitcoin price tracker on their financial pages.

Google Finance announced that its Bitcoin price tracker would offer dynamic pricing across several currencies. It will also be offering access to breaking news about cryptocurrencies. The interface allows users to compare prices between Bitcoin, USD, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Chinese Renminbi, and Australian and Canadian dollars and offers historical reviews dating back to June of 2013.


Easy to Use

Google seems to have gone all out to make its Bitcoin tool user friendly. There are very fast BTC-to-fiat conversions across literally dozens of currencies. Even minor currencies such as the Bangladeshi taka and Yemeni rial are included in the list, even allowing users to compare several currencies against Bitcoin at one time and the built in news tracker keeps you up to date. The tools offered by both search engines are remarkably similar but Yahoo has a bit less to offer with no BTC price conversions to other fiat currencies.

The technology is sure to improve as market competition increases, which is sure to happen now that the larger interests are getting involved. But Google’s recognition and inclusion is extremely important. The leadership of the company has already been making noises that full acceptance of Bitcoin is inevitable and that integration with the search leader on some level was only a matter of time.

The new price tool is perhaps the most direct integration with some aspects of Bitcoin on Google’s part. In the past, members of Google’s leadership have intimated that, in time, the search giant will come to accept Bitcoin in some capacity. One distinct possibility is to unite the idea of Bitcoin with Google Glass, which is already being proposed by a startup named Eaze. Eaze announced Nod to Pay that would allow users to make payment in Bitcoin using their wallet.