Personal Details

Brian Fabian Crain, born 1985, living in Berlin, Germany
BA in Economics from the University of Chicago
MSc in Economics and Philosophy from the London School of Economics
MSc in Cognitive and Decision Science from University College London
Professional experience and achievement
Brian is the founder of the Bitcoin Startups Berlin group, the largest and most active Bitcoin Meetup in Germany. 
He is also the founder and co-host of the Epicenter Bitcoin podcast, Europe's leading cryptocurrency podcast. 
Prior to his work with Bitcoin, Brian spent many years “accumulating university degrees” and founding a web startup in Berlin.
On the side, he is also one of the organizers of the Quantified Self Berlin group and frequently speaks at quantified self events.
Bitcoin, quantified self, traveling, learning languages, bikram yoga, paragliding
Role in the Bitcoin community
Brian will speak at the World Bitcoin Forum in September, and he currently is working on a number of other projects to support the Bitcoin community in Berlin as well as to connect with Bitcoin users around the world.