Brickchain, the world’s first online LEGO store that only accepts digital currency, has opened its virtual doors.

The store is a kind of nerd fantasy land where one can spend cryptocurrencies to buy LEGO sets. Today customers may choose Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin as payment methods, and more currencies are going to be added soon. All prices are displayed immediately in one of the selected currencies.

The company started doing business this year and currently offers free shipping to US customers in the lower 48 states.

LEGO’s enduring legacy is that of both fun and education. Children, of course, like to build small worlds from LEGO sets, but the brand holds mass appeal for adults as well.

The LEGO company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark. The first LEGO set of plastic bricks was produced in 1949. Soon, the company expanded and started to experiment more and more with design.

Today LEGO has its own theme parks – LEGOLANDs in Berlin, Oberhausen, Tokyo, Toronto, Manchester, Atlanta, Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth and Westchester. The company also produces video games and movies.

Some readers may remember how last year wrote that LEGO had designed its own version of Bitcoin Blockchain. The design, it was reported, contained 285,800 individual blocks and three mini-figures of two Winklevii and one Bitcoin Miner. Unfortunately, such a set is not actually available from LEGO. Considering the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency, however, we could yet see a similar product emerge in the future.