Bronze sculptures for Bitcoin

David Goode isan artist of portrait and figurative sculptures from bronze who accepts Bitcoinpayments in United Kingdom.

Born in Oxford in 1966, he grew up in the small Midlands town of Leek,Staffordshire, UK.

At the age of eighteen David began his studies at the Sir Henry DoultonSchool of Sculpture and at twenty-one he managed to become the youngestsculptor ever to be a portrait sculptor at the London Studios of MadameTussauds.

Today David has his own company. His inspiration for work stretches backto a childhood fascination with myths and folklore, and of course he loves the worksof famous English writer and author of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy J.R.R. Tolkien.

David Goode has various works of wildlife animals and fairytalecharacters that could add something new to the comfort of your home and garden.

However, the sculptor’s interests go beyond the mythical with his recentdecision to accept Bitcoin payments for his sculptures:

For a brief trial period I willaccept payment for my bronzes in bitcoins. I don't know whether this is a crazything to do or not but I am fascinated by the concept and the more people whoare willing to accept it, the more interesting it will become. Let me know ifyou have bitcoins and fancy spending one or two on a bronze sculpture,”wrote David Goode. “The price will be setat the current exchange rate with a small discount as incentive to pay withbitcoin.”

For more information visit David Goode homepage.

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