A new play-to-earn game in the metaverse is vowing to harness the power of Shiba Inu (SHIB) to create an innovative experience like no other.

Legends of Bezogia, created by Bezoge Earth, has won support from a number of crypto influencers — including the so-called "Shiba Brothers."

Tommy and James had gone viral after their $7,900 investment in SHIB ballooned in value. The memecoin then exploded in value — and according to CNN, the value of their crypto wallet was worth a staggering $9 million at one point.

The brothers made headline news — connecting them to an elite network of crypto pioneers who gave them a precious insight into the latest trends.

Inspired by what they learned about the NFT marketplace and their love of gaming, they decided to join the Bezoge Earth project — and the brothers believe this has the potential to be the next Shiba Inu.

What is Legends of Bezogia? 

Legends of Bezogia is a virtual world where assets are owned by the players. It aims to entice the GameFi community by blending DeFi, blockchain technology and nonfungible tokens — as well as video gaming — into one unique package.

Digital tokens won in the game can be converted into in-game items with real-world value.

Legends of Bezogia is currently in the Alpha testing stage and will be available on PC first, with Android, Mac and iOS versions coming soon.

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'Exciting' opportunities

The Bezoge community are more than players — they're helping to build the game too, and have an instrumental role in making decisions about the project's future.

With the project now positioning itself as a leader in the world of play–to-earn games, the excitement from the Shiba Brothers is palpable.

They explained: “We joined the Bezoge Earth Project because we believe that the Bezoge community is building the game, so instead of just being players, they are part of the company making the decisions and this is exciting."

At the heart of the game are Bezogis — and while the creatures may look cute at first glance, they're described as "fearsome warriors" who pillage a fictional landscape to mint legendary mythical weapons.

These coveted items include rock-solid swords for hunting down foes in dark caves and weapons that can inflict untold damage on enemies. 

Each Bezogi has its own unique attributes based on its color, and they can be exchanged freely at a specially created market currently on OpenSea. Bringing them together can "summon" new Bezogi — enabling players to unlock rare, epic or even purebred collectibles.

These in-game characters are based on the Polygon blockchain, and a sold-out first run means Bezogis are now only available on secondary markets.

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