On June 24 one of the leading cryprocurrency exchanges BTC-e announced that PAMM accounts are available for Bitcoin traders from now on.

The PAMM technology, or Percent Allocation Management Module, has been widely used by traders in the currency exchange markets, though it is the first time when PAMM became available to Bitcoin users. The official website explains:

 “PAMM technology allows investors (Slave's account) to follow trading strategies of professional and experienced traders (Master’s account).”

This technology may open new opportunities both for beginners and professional traders as it allows tracking currency rating, charts and feedback from other traders to follow a strategy that could lead to bigger profits.

“Traders can select a suitable strategy with the help of PAMM account rating and graphs that display the Master’s trading results in the past,” explains the announcement.

“The Master uses his own capital for trading and trades via the Meta Trader 4 terminal. And his trading strategy is replicated on an unlimited number of ‘Slave’ accounts. For remuneration, the Master account receives a share of the profit from each ‘Slave account’ following its strategy. Profits and remuneration are calculated automatically by the PAMM technology and are paid out in accordance to a strict timeline. 

BTC-e is a Bulgaria-based cryptocurrency exchange focusing on cryptocurrency trading in Europe and Russia.

To find out more visit https://pamm.btc-e.com/