The newest and most perspective bitcoin seller btcQuick has reached 2 million dollar big sales most recently. This giant leap was made in a period some days shorter than a year, as the company has launched in November of 2012.

The CEO and the author of the idea Jerrod Bunce lives and Colorado and has given some comment on how the idea has met him, how he developed the method and brought it closer to the customers.

The prototype is the service BitInstant, whose slogan is “Time is money” did not work for them. Bunce and many other users have voiced their opinion that the service is too slow and the delays make it very inconvenient to be used. The critics lead Jerrod to the thought that knowing how it should be might help him establish his own service and bring it tom popularity – the only key to success is to mind the mistakes of similar websites and not to commit his own.

The process itself is rather simple the service offers bitcoins for fiat money placed by customers on different types of credit debit cards. Then it searches for the necessary amount on the exchange and buys it, gives the customer the address or delivers it on the email.

Still the startup could not be launched without external material support from investors and crowdfunding (very popular support system in many modern industries from business till music production – users supporting with money become some nice features of the developed project or other types of gratitude from the collectors). Both allowed forming a budget of 120000 dollars. Now it does about 500000 dollars in business after the official statistics of the CoinDesk.

The homepage of the service btcQuick says that it is the fastest way to obtain bitcoins. Registration is simple and verification is quick.But the fees for the deal are very different and can be valued as rather high. 7,55 are charged for the transactions, the homepage currently says that only 5,5%. After time, for corresponding volumes the fee can get smaller – till 3%. Users who register with miiCard get the fee reduced by 1%.

If the customer has his miiCard the verification process is really fast – up to 15 minutes. The main users of the service are from the USA, who have this card. But there are regular customers also from Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, China and Argentina.

The company tries to follow all regulation of the industry. Regular collaboration with lawyers, following of KYC rules, miiCard acceptance creates a positive image of the company. It is trustworthy and client-friendly. Currently it stopped the work in three states of the US – New York, California, Texas, because some problems in regulations still are not settled. But the CEO of btcQuick says that there are not many customers from these regions.

It is important to mention that the inspirer BitInstant currently has stopped its work. The website offers to subscribe for a newsletter to be informed on the updates and modernizations works that the service is undergoing.