Digital currency is the talking point of future of modern economics and business. 

However, we are making the future today. The promotion of digital currency seems to be a bit complicated if you try to explain or advertise what Bitcoin is but can’t “show” it. 

Ambitious photographer Megan Miller, based in Los Angeles, CA, is ready to break the mold and show Bitcoin to the world. 

Her latest ongoing project Bitcoin could help us to explore the world of this new crypto-currency. 

“The idea came to me because I really just wanted to figure out bitcoin for myself,” said Miller. 

“A photo project about Bitcoin is a terrible idea, because there’s so little to see. But Megan Miller makes it work,” commented Jakob Schiller, a photographer and journalist. 

However, Miller tries to find what Bitcoin is all about, who chooses it as a payment currency and why. 

The photographer doesn’t try to imagine what kind of life Bitcoin user has; she is seeking the exact moment when the purpose of using crypto-currency is shown. 

“Basically at first the easiest thing to photograph was the stuff that people are purchasing with Bitcoin,” she said. 

For example, one of the photos is about a man who wears a necklace made out of physically minted coins. Some others describe Bitcoin users and their will to be free from any regulations. 

If you are interested in Megan Miller’s Bitcoin works visit her portfolio website.