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New Businesses


xCFD is a trading platform that allows you to trade bitcoins right alongside gold, commodities, shares and various other assets. Note that the company does not handle bitcoins directly, at least not at the moment, for regulatory purposes.

“The Trading Floor is well laid out and easy to understand. On the left side are the available instruments, which include indices, forex, commodities (including Bitcoin), stocks, bonds and options. The forex floor uses USD,GBP and AUD as base currencies to trade dozens of other fiat monies.

“There are hundreds of indices to choose from and nine different commodities, ranging from natural gas and several different metals to Bitcoin. In the center of the screen is the quote monitor that provides a real-time look at prices for several instruments. This monitor also includes an account summary and chart. Trades and orders are placed on the left side of the page. Leveraged buying is also available with the scale depending on the instrument.

xCFD: A Full Spectrum Trading Platform

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New Altcoins


Syscoin is a next-generation cryptocurrency that allows holders to trade any kind of asset — including shares, cryptocoins and even digital property — along its blockchain. Syscoin developers have created a certificate system whereby users can issue certificates on the blockchain to prove ownership or any other relevant credential.

“Syscoin is a proof-of-work coin, which helps it stand out from its nearest competitor, NXT, which is proof-of-stake. Syscoin uses the Scrypt algorithm, which is the same algorithm used by Litecoin, Dogecoin and several other popular altcoins. Merged mining with any other Scrypt coin is supported by Syscoin, which should help the coin's security.

“What makes Syscoin unique from other Scrypt coins is the cryptocurrency 2.0 features that let it do much more than simply send Syscoins from user to user. Users can send any asset through the Syscoin network, including other digital currencies or assets in its decentralized marketplace.”

Syscoin specifications

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