OK, Bitcoin baron, you’ve amassed more wealth than you can even spend. You already bought yourself a Tesla Model S, and you have already booked a couple of weeks in Fiji. What now?

Fortunately, the folks at PrivateFly have got you covered.

Now, you can charter your own private flight and pay in Bitcoins.

The company just announced recently that it would begin to process Bitcoin payments with the help of BitPay.

That means that the company’s network of 7,000-plus private aircrafts are all accessible if you have the digital cash.

“As a technology-led business in an industry built around the customer, we started investigating the introduction of Bitcoin after a series of requests from our clients,” told PrivateFly CEO Adam Tidwell.

Note the “requests from our clients” part. Remember: You often cannot even buy coach-class tickets on major airlines with physical cash these days. Air travel paid for in Bitcoin is a small revolution.

That said, PrivateFly seems more interested in the speed of payment processing with Bitcoin than anything else.

Nevertheless, if you and 13 friends want to get from Moscow to London comfortably, the price is only 48 BTC at the time of writing.

For its part, BitPay had a big 2013. Last year, the company processed $100 million in Bitcoin transactions. Currently, the company is adding a thousand new merchants to its network every week.

“We expect exponential growth in the popularity of Bitcoin around the world with both merchants and consumers, and anticipate seeing the biggest growth in China, India, Russia and South America,” a company spokesperson.