Classy Dining with Bitcoin in Nashville

Cointelegraph has reportedon many interesting and outstanding merchants, retailers or servicemenaccepting Bitcoin for their products. All of them had a feature that allowed toassociate the online or offline venues with the IT and technological world.Those creating Bitcoin were the first to implement it.

Nashville deserved to beintroduced to the annals of history as the first city of the USA with arestaurant taking payments in the virtual currency. Globally, it might be eventhe first fine dining venue adding to classy food and appearance sometechnological progress and libertarian hospitability.


Flyte High

The Flyte World Dining &Wine restaurant in Nashville succeeded to pioneer the movement of Bitcoinactivists, willing to blow their coins in a stylish and fine manner. Good foodand wine might be a great addition for those able to purchase a Lamborghini for Bitcoin.

Scott Sears is the co-owner ofFlyte, who embodied the idea together with Bill Butler, creator of the advocacysite,in December 2013. He commented:

“For me, the technology side is really exciting. I like thefact we are on the cutting edge.”

Observing the balance on the 14thof March, the entrepreneurs have received 21 payments earning 2.17533996 BTC.Mr. Sears knows that many visitors come to their restaurant due to thetolerance and interest in Bitcoin. Other guests see how transactions areperformed within seconds from a mobile device to another in assistance of Coinbase.

Mr. Butler added:

“When you have a technology that enables you to do things youcan't do with current means, it's powerful.”