Classy Dining with Bitcoin in Nashville

The Coin Telegraph has reported on many interesting and outstanding merchants, retailers or servicemen accepting Bitcoin for their products. All of them had a feature that allowed to associate the online or offline venues with the IT and technological world. Those creating Bitcoin were the first to implement it.

Nashville deserved to be introduced to the annals of history as the first city of the USA with a restaurant taking payments in the virtual currency. Globally, it might be even the first fine dining venue adding to classy food and appearance some technological progress and libertarian hospitability.


Flyte High

The Flyte World Dining & Wine restaurant in Nashville succeeded to pioneer the movement of Bitcoin activists, willing to blow their coins in a stylish and fine manner. Good food and wine might be a great addition for those able to purchase a Lamborghini for Bitcoin.

Scott Sears is the co-owner of Flyte, who embodied the idea together with Bill Butler, creator of the advocacy site, in December 2013. He commented:

“For me, the technology side is really exciting. I like the fact we are on the cutting edge.”

Observing the balance on the 14th of March, the entrepreneurs have received 21 payments earning 2.17533996 BTC. Mr. Sears knows that many visitors come to their restaurant due to the tolerance and interest in Bitcoin. Other guests see how transactions are performed within seconds from a mobile device to another in assistance of Coinbase.

Mr. Butler added:

“When you have a technology that enables you to do things you can't do with current means, it's powerful.”


Seated left to right are Scott Sears and Scott Atkinson 

Scott Sears on Bitcoin and New Opportunities

 The Coin Telegraph contacted and has had an interview with Scott Sears, the co-owner and wine director of Flyte World Dining & Wine.

Coin Telegraph: Why did you decide turning to Bitcoin? Do you plan accepting other cryptocurrencies?

Scott Sears: We chose btc because the merchant services offered by make it relatively simple and low-risk. We will certainly consider other crypto-currencies once they develop similar merchant services to facilitate the process and reduce risks.

Coin Telegraph: How did you like cooperation with Bill Butler?

Scott Sears: Bill Butler was instrumental in our decision to accept btc as well as the implementation of the software and services necessary to accept btc. He and I were part of the ownership and operations of the first Internet Service Provider in Nashville (Telalink) and our passion for exploration and implementation of Internet technologies goes back to the early 90's. Bill's goes back even further to the days of his startup IT consulting company called Telasar. Business IT in his blood for sure. I'd recommend him without reservation to any business seeking to accept btc as payment.

Coin Telegraph: Have you faced any problems implementing this?

Scott Sears: The only problems we've seen are related to the merchant app provided by Coinbase. At one point it wasn't using the Merchat API in a way that would auto-sweep funds into our bank account. Sometimes it doesn't connect to the API (it hasn't for over a day now). We have a backup app called Coinbox which we use when there are problems with the Coinbase app. The complication there is that the Coinbox app doesn't use the Merchant API and so the payments aren't automatically converted to USD and swept into our bank account on a daily basis. To compensate, we do that manually by simply selling the btc, but we are subject to the short-term fluctuations of the value of btc when that happens. I'm sure Coinbase will solve the problems with the merchant app soon enough though. They've been very responsive.

Coin Telegraph: How did you like this experiment?

Scott Sears: I'd say we're really enjoying the experiment so far and it has evolved beyond the "experiment" phase. As long as there are merchant services to shield us from the fluctuations of btc and automatically convert btc to USD at the point of sale, we'll continue to offer btc and will add additional crypto-currencies that offer reliable merchant services.



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