Canadian company Coinkite aims to become the main supplier of technology solutions for bitcoin users and merchants. 

Coinkite has already represented Bitcoin and Litecoin debit card and a system that allows receiving and storing bitcoins on debit cards. Company developers work on producing a range of solutions for secure storage and private keys. 

Bitcoin Payment & Exchange Terminal 

Bitcoin payment terminals are supposed to be one of the main Coinkite products. Terminals accept both Bitcoin and Litecoin from Coinkite debit card. 

Today developers are working to expand the range of terminals. The first device had several functions like a camera to read the QR-code, GSM and Wi-Fi. The new version is designed more for small retailers and should be cheaper and easier in use – it will have only Wi-Fi. 

Coinkite terminals also have a function that allows them to switch between Retail or Exchange Mode, and work as bitcoin exchanger. Using the terminals it is possible to withdraw bitcoins from debit cards and also replenish them. 

So, Coinkite terminals basically work like a Bitcoin ATM but are smaller and mobile. 

“The idea is that if you are in a retail location with existing staff, then why buy a $30,000 ATM machine in order to get buy/sell capability. Instead, purchase the exchange enabled Coinkite terminal for less than $1000, and then it's simply a matter of training,” commented one of the users on /r/Bitcoin. 

At the moment of writing there were about 30 places when Coinkite terminals are located. Developers believe that their number will increase shortly.