This new platform turns the process of distributing any kinds of data into a simple process that involves no servers or programming whatsoever. Sounds delicious doesn’t it?


Easy as one, two, three

So imagine you have your own created works of art, music or software you want to share or maybe you are a professional photographer/artist and you have a portfolio with pictures in small definition. Assuming you are good at what you do, someone would like to buy your art in high definition. That’s where Coinlock comes in.

You choose a price, upload a file and receive a link with which you can provide your potential customers. The only thing you need is a non-ancient web browser to interface with the site. Easy as pie.


A word from developer

Matthew Branton both developer and founder of the service is explaining why he created the thing in the first place:

“I designed Coinlock as a new way of selling data, a way that wasn't possible before. Anyone can sell on Coinlock, anonymously, and securely, regardless of their access to traditional banking infrastructure. I believe Coinlock is the only user-side encrypted content selling service in the world.”

The service went air 9 month ago and since then it has come a long way to become what it is today. To say the least it transformed from Bitcoin only into allowing to set any other altcoin. There is also a planned expansion into a real marketplace, just what users asked.

Due to the volatile nature of Bitcoin, the demand is still uneven. People tend to use the service only when BTC price falls down, but Matthew believes the future is bright for his creation:

“I'm optimistic that as the ecosystem grows people will be looking for faster and better ways to sell things online. I think Coinlock is poised to be that solution.”

We think so too Matthew, we really do.