is a Bitcoin casino affiliate program seeking to combine ease of use and ultimate user control with one of the most lucrative return rates in the industry.

The official affiliate program for the online gambling resource, CoinProfit offers affiliates a lifelong 40% return on revenue generated from their successful client sign-ups. The program is the first in the industry to offer a sustained long-term rate as high as this.

Described as “The world's most lucrative provably fair casinos”, BTC-Casino (and others) offer through CoinProfit a unique chance for affiliates to take advantage of a market which is growing exponentially month on month.

Like all affiliate programs, affiliates principally earn commission by hosting ads on their own resource(s) which in turn generate traffic for BTC-Casino and CoinProfit’s other brands. Traffic converted to real sign-ups with the casino is counted as a potential revenue source, and these new customers’ profits are fed back to the affiliate at a rate of 40%.

Joining CoinProfit is extremely easy, requiring only completion of a simple sign-up form with basic contact information, followed by an email confirmation. An account is then opened and operational immediately. 


An affiliate does not even need to add the target resource when signing up – an account can be opened without this. CoinProfit also offers promotional partnerships which do not require a partner website or similar resource.

Similarly, there is no limit to the number of resources affiliates are able to use with CoinProfit. Certain limits regarding referral codes are in place, but even these are negotiable on a user-by-user basis.

From the account, affiliates can control and gain access to data from their entire operation. In one panel they have an overview of all activity and financial outcomes generated from their unique sign-ups. CoinProfit has made the vast amount of user information available as clear to access as possible. Navigating the data is intuitive and allows for optimal transparency, in-line with the ethos of both the program and its associated brands.

CoinProfit pays out to affiliates every Monday (including holidays) and notifies them on its news feed when all payments have been sent. CoinProfit operates exclusively in Bitcoin, aiding ease of use and reducing fees and waiting times associated with cashing out.

Affiliates are provided with an open support service which can be used both to report problems and for general queries. CoinProfit is available through a dedicated contact form, as well as Jabber and ICQ, the latter aimed at providing an instant messaging solution. Other queries are aimed to be resolved within a 30-minute timeframe for new customers. A more basic FAQ section is also operational.

CoinProfit enables large-scale casino revenue sharing in a uniquely accessible, secure and flexible environment. Its features cater for the most experienced affiliates, down to complete beginners, even those without their own resource. All affiliates are able to take advantage of an industry-leading lifelong 40% commission.

While the Bitcoin casino affiliate market is enjoying unprecedented growth, CoinProfit is ensuring it continues to offer a unique service through its intuitive user experience, reliable payment model and consistent, open support portals.

This ease of use and access in turn ensures that affiliates of all levels are given an equal opportunity to make a success of their promotional activity.

CoinProfit’s main partner is, which has already built a reputation as an attractive destination for cryptocurrency gamblers. Over 120 well-known games, provably fair operation and excellent odds, combined with complete trust, allow affiliates to be confident in BTC-Casino and in turn in both the profit-making ability and trustworthiness of CoinProfit as their partner. was set up in late 2014 and now offers a range of Bitcoin online gambling affiliate opportunities. New partners are added constantly, with recently becoming part of the network. Expansion is set to continue through 2015.

Commission is paid out weekly to affiliates on all activity of 100mBTC or higher. If activity totals less than this, it is rolled over to the following week to allow more activity and commission to accrue.


Cointelegraph reached out to CoinProfit’s Senior Affiliate Manager Jeremy Larson to get more information on the company ethos, its genesis and where its journey is leading in 2015.

Cointelegraph: Bitcoin casino affiliate programs operate in an extremely competitive market. How does CoinProfit ensure potential affiliates have complete trust in its promises, features and longevity?

Jeremy Larson: Well, actually, I’d rather say that the Bitcoin gambling market is not that competitive as it might seem at the first sight. The number of casinos which operate Bitcoin solely is quite few. Hence, worthy affiliate programs for such casinos can be counted on one hand. Therefore, start of the affiliate program in this exact period can be surely considered as an advantage, which will further become indisputable.

But this advantage may become absolutely useless without an appropriate reputation. And reputation, as follows, is a matter of time. has been launched not so long ago, but already managed to show up as fair and responsive affiliate program. And this reputation is going to become only stronger in course of time. The sooner affiliates join us, the sooner they can make certain about that.

CT: How did you go about creating a program offering lifelong 40% returns? How will you ensure your offering remains unique?

JL: Our team has been working with gambling projects for quite a considerable period already. Many of us deal with this sphere, both from casino’s and affiliate’s side, for more than 10 years by the moment. Therefore we know for sure what exactly an affiliate needs and offer respective conditions. Extensive experience of the area allows us to maintain the highest retention level effortlessly.  And Bitcoin in its turn provides minimum transactional expenses.

This kind of an offer is clearly beneficial for affiliates, competitors do understand that and have already started making counteroffers, thus we do not expect our offer to stay unique for a durable period. But it will definitely have no affect for our affiliates - the longer they work with us, the higher their share is going to be. Moreover, we are always open for cooperation and ready to discuss individual conditions.

CT: What have been some hurdles you've needed to overcome in order to bring BTC-Casino and CoinProfit to their current level?

JL: We stick to the idea that staff is the groundwork of success. The biggest struggle was to find and gather the current team, it took most of the time (more than 10 years). But it’s definitely worth it.  A high level of technical realization and perfect service - this all is a merit of our people’s hard work. If you ask me, what is our main principle, I’ll answer with no hesitation:  we see the goal and ignore obstacles.

CT: What is your attitude towards security and funds management at CoinProfit? Given recent high-profile hacks of certain Bitcoin-related services, what have you learnt about ensuring complete resilience to threats?

JL: The first DDoS attack on has happened in two hours after its official release. was attacked in 8 hours after launching. Issues of that kind are repeated at regular frequency. Many of the DDoS attacks are quite strong. Resistance to them is ensured through our multi-level automated system of protection.

There have been also a considerable number of hacking attempts. But none of them has been successful. To provide such a resistant protection, we apply several independent auditors simultaneously and they constantly perform regular stress-testing of our system. The main thing is, no matter what kind of hack will be used, no one is able to access your bitcoins.

CT: Can you tell us a little about your future plans and what potential affiliates can look forward to?

JL: With a reference to my previous words - we know what exactly affiliates need. That’s why our major prospect is to earn a lot and we plan to do our utmost and pull all the stops on that purpose. This involves new products, improvement of UX, tools for conversion and traffic optimization. But these are only the details. We see the goal and ignore the obstacles!