Cointelegraph — one of the oldest crypto media companies, founded in 2013 — has launched the Cointelegraph Research Terminal. The Research Terminal will be a convenient one-stop location to find past industry analysis, premium research reports and access to exclusive databases. The website is live, and subscriptions to the premium features are active.

Cointelegraph Research has produced some of the best in-depth analyses on the blockchain and crypto industry, hitting on trends before they land in the mainstream. One of the Cointelegraph Research Terminal’s most recent public reports is on game finance, asking: “GameFi: Can blockchain-based gaming redefine the industry?”

Being ahead of the curve in the dynamically evolving crypto space can be tough, but Cointelegraph Research has found a solution to help alleviate this problem: the Cointelegraph Research Terminal.

The Research Terminal 

Cointelegraph aims to unite the hard-won experience of cryptocurrency expertise with talent from across the fields of finance, economics and technology to bring to the market the premier source for industry reports and insightful analysis. The Cointelegraph Research Terminal will be a one-stop-shop that will begin by focusing on three major areas but has plans for more as time goes on.

The three areas of initial focus will be to provide collections of previous research reports, access to current premium reports, and permissions to databases with up-to-date information on all areas of the crypto space.

Public reports

Cointelegraph Research has been producing reports since 2020 on a myriad of topics that can provide insights for the discerning investor. The Research Terminal will make all of these previously created reports available to subscribers.

Reports such as “Security Token Report,” “Polkadot: The Bedrock of the New Web,” “Does the Future of Decentralized Finance Still Belong to Ethereum?” and “Nonfungible Tokens: A New Frontier” are just a few examples of the variety of subjects that will be available in the Cointelegraph Research Terminal. The overwhelming feedback from clients was that they wanted even more, which was part of the impetus to create the new services found in the Cointelegraph Research Terminal, such as premium reports.

Premium reports

In addition to past publications, the Cointelegraph Research Terminal will provide access to premium reports found nowhere else. A great example of such is “Landscape of Publically Listed Crypto-Mining Companies,” which covers 12 of the largest publicly traded crypto mining companies from Q1 2022 and provides unparalleled insights.

Another example is the “Regulations Report,” which covers what happened to the crypto industry globally in the first half of 2022, along with expert insights into how the crypto landscape will be impacted. These premium reports stay ahead of trends and are written by a staff of educated, knowledgeable individuals who can provide industry insights in practical ways.

Expansive database 

Each quarter, the Cointelegraph Research Terminal publishes a public Venture Capital Report, providing a high-level overview of the activities going on behind the scenes in the crypto industry. However, in between publications of this and other reports, there is a lag time. It is the nature of any news source or reporting.

But what if someone wants the data before the next report is produced? The Research Terminal has that covered with access to the databases. This will allow interested parties to look up information across the crypto space, including merger and acquisition deals, which investors made which deal, what investors have in their portfolio, what sectors are trending, what protocols are receiving the most backing, historical price action of different blockchains and so much more.

The subscriber may dive as deeply into the data as they want at any time. There is also a Regulatory Database that is designed to show the actions of regulators and law enforcement agencies on companies and individuals that operate within the digital assets market. These databases are important for institutions, offices, funds and firms to stay on top of.

Why Cointelegraph’s Research Terminal?

One of the most valuable assets a person has is time. The Cointelegraph Research Terminal allows the reader to save that precious time by coming to a singular location and having the entire crypto and blockchain space at their fingertips. Cointelegraph is properly positioned to bring clients the best-in-class research to keep informed and with a competitive advantage in the ever-changing crypto landscape.

The Cointelegraph Research Terminal aims to provide the best quality information and research available to subscribers in a convenient package that saves them time while providing valuable market insights. Historical and current premium reports, along with relevant databases, make the Cointelegraph Research Terminal a must-read website for serious crypto participants.

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