CoinTelegraph Goes to the “Radical” Bitcoin in the Beltway

Amid the high-profileBitcoin conferences this year comes a challenger, one which gives a platform toBitcoin’s more “radical” side – and CoinTelegraph will be right there.

Bitcoin in the Beltwaymay be innocently titled, but its content and attendees promise to deliveranything but quiet reception. In a press release, itself written by M.K. Lordsof Bitcoin Not Bombs, the 3-day event scheduled for June 20-22 in WashingtonD.C. promises:

“…such rebels as Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson,Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne,’s Angela Keaton, and Blockchain’sAndreas Antonopoulos, … highlighting the most disruptive elements of blockchaintechnology in the heart of government regulation.”

The antidote to Bitcoin conferences

True to form of “the most radicalmovers and shakers in the Bitcoin community,” heated evangelism is not the only focus of the conference,however. Beltway was conceptualized not by your average Bitcoin activist, butby a charity, in the form of Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach. Founder JasonKing said in a Bitcoin Not Bombs interview:

“I come from a technology background out of the start-up technologyworld, and there’s a concept of methodology there that a small team of highlytrained, efficient people can knock an incumbent off of their seat by beingmore focused and result oriented, so we’re trying to apply that same thing tophilanthropy and nonprofits.”

Aside from the impressive list ofkeynote speakers, which include King himself along with Lords, as well as Davi Barker and AndreasAntonopoulos, the event is making its gravitas known in the form of BitcoinFoundation Board Secretary Elizabeth T. Ploshay, who is actingas its co-chair.

An interesting collaboration indeedand one set amid an atmosphere of entertainment rather than business luncheswith Beltway also featuring musical performances reminiscent of NYC BitcoinCenter’s music festival last month. Amongothers, the line-up features Tatiana Moroz, creator of the Bitcoin Jingle, andZhou Tonged, “the Bitcoin world’s Weird Al Yankovich.”

CoinTelegraph is very excited to beattending what could be described as the antidote to Bitcoin conferences. Watchthis space for more details and, later on, in-depth reports and interviews fromBitcoin in the Beltway’s attendees.

Meanwhile, more information can befound here

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