Few people can influence major change in the world on their own merit. However, there is a small group who can – the billionaires. Taken together, this elite group has trillions of dollars put into real estate, tax havens and other investments. Sadly, this amount of money, unfathomable to most, is rarely being allocated where it is needed most.

With estimates suggesting $6 billion could solve world hunger or $10 billion could fully fund the UN program for refugees, there is potential for funds to be allocated more strategically to solve these growing concerns.

Unfortunately, with little movement in the market today, many have quickly realized that conducting business as usual will not be the change necessary to save the world. As the Earth Fund team shares, “politicians are flying private jets to kick the can down the road, and billionaires [are] racing to space while the world beneath them burns.” For this reason, Earth Fund was born to provide users with an opportunity to get a voice and vote in the Earth Fund DAO, with each Earth token having the ability to decide how the earth-saving treasury is spent.

The team believes that by decentralizing the power of the money held by the billionaires of the world and the government and giving it to the people, making a difference is a real possibility. With a 1Earth token, holders will gain access to the Earth Fund community, a group dedicated to locating and providing funds to projects that can make the world a better place. Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) members will also be compensated with 2% of every contribution being set aside as a reward. However, as a DAO, the people will determine this exact allocation.

The newest member of the advisory council

The team already has a strong group of people working behind the scenes, with members who previously worked at Facebook, Microsoft and Redbull, a doctor of climate science, participants in MIT projects, Berkshire Hathaway and in the cryptocurrency space, Ripple.

The team was recently excited to announce a new player joined their team, Jon Najarian, the CNBC anchor. Jon is also known as the founder of Mercury Trading for the Chicago Board Options Exchange, being the author of four bestsellers all about investing and a regular investor in the world of cryptocurrency. Many also recognize the name from his role as a former Chicago Bears linebacker.

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After the announcement, Jon Najarian shares,

“I’ve spent a lot of time in crypto and DeFi in recent years, including the exciting development of DAOs.

Earth Fund DAO stood out from the crowd, with an impressive team and even more impressive mission - harnessing the power of decentralized autonomous blockchain-powered enterprises to support DAO-selected projects that are poised to affect real change.”

In addition to a diverse team, making a real impact will come down to creating a DApp with a user experience intuitive enough for people outside the cryptocurrency community.

To ensure this condition is met, the team has kicked off development with UI8, a leading design agency in UI and UX.

Creating communities

Following the release of the DApp, users will be able to mint membership nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and participate in causes and associated subcommunities, each of which touches on projects that the community is passionate about and further delivers on a sense of belonging.

Causes are shared across the community, whether this is using the treasury to help third world countries or tech that can improve the world. Whatever this may be, the community shares the collective binding of making the world a better place.

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